I have had a goal of getting organized for many years, but I was unable to achieve that goal without help and accountability. So I gifted myself by hiring Heidi, of Operation Organization, to help me organize my kitchen.  

She got me started with systems and plans, and I was so motivated I kept on going after she left.  Heidi has the gifts, talents and knowledge to teach and motivate people to get organized.  I have discovered that organization is the gift that keeps on giving. 

 Every time I look into my organized drawers and cupboards I smile.  Having organized space in my kitchen has been a time saver.  I can find papers with ease thanks to customized systems Heidi introduced to me.  My kitchen items are stored in the time saving places that Heidi recommended. 

 There is no clutter on the counter and no more 'junk drawer'!!!   It brings me pure joy to look at my organized kitchen!  I am planning to hire Heidi again and again until my entire home is organized!  I am looking forward to a life of peace and contentment that comes from living in an organized environment.  
 ~ Luella ~ Business Owner & Grandmother

* * * * *

"Heidi is the best! She is very passionate about improving homes and making living spaces as efficient as they can be. She had a huge task in helping organize our mess. She is a real friend, true professional, and an expert at home efficiency. I highly recommend her without any reservations!"
~ John & Amy; Married Professionals with Children
* * * * *

"Heidi helped me organize my kids' chaotic mess into something workable for all of us. Now, instead of telling them, 'Clean up your room!' which they interpreted as, 'Shove everything under the beds and dressers!' I tell them, 'Put everything where it belongs!' and they do!"
Thanks, Heidi!
~ Amy, Business Owner & Mother of Two

* * * * *

"Heidi helped me accomplish something I felt I never would have been able to do on my own - organize my life!  I have gained not only a structure to my home, but a sense of personal order within.   Heidi touched my life in many important ways."
~ P.P. Wife and Grandmother 

* * * * *  
I knew I needed help with organizing as I had tried to do it by myself for a long time and felt that I needed some guidance.  Even though Heidi lived in a different state than me I thought I would give it a try and am  so happy that I did.  Just having Heidi to talk with, to be accountable to and to cheer me on helped. 
Heidi and I would have phone conversations to follow-up on my progress and correspond through e-mails which helped me stay motivated and focused. I loved all her tips, she was great and it was a big help.  
Because of Heidi I was able to make sense of my garage again, and learned how to handle all of my 3 year old's toys, to get system in place as well as organizing his toys.  I felt like my house was just exploding with toys!   
I also contacted Heidi to help me get some balance with my new job and family life which helped so much.  Working with Heidi was one of the best things I did for myself.  Even though I knew of some of the things to do, it was like having a work out partner, you keep going because you have someone to help move you along and share the progress.
If you are in need of some organizing help, Heidi is definitely the person to speak with.  Sometimes I wish I lived in MN just so I could have met her personally.
~ C.E - a Virtual Client

* * * * *

 "Heidi helped me solve four key problem areas in my home with incredible insight and practicality. I've been so happy with the practical, working solutions that she was able to come up with!"
 ~Catherine~  Elementary Art Teacher & Mother of Two

* * * * * 

"I contacted Heidi not knowing if she could help me because of our different locations.  She is in Minnesota and I live in Chicagoland . Heidi offered  her professional services virtually,  and I jumped at the chance, even though I was unsure whether my "issues" could be handled with her not physically being in my kitchen with me!

I contacted Heidi about a month before school was out for the summer, hoping she could help me tackle my seriously cluttered and chaotic kitchen.  I wanted to be able to focus my energy and attention on my kids this summer.... not where I misplaced my keys, the crayons, the sun lotion and bug spray!
Heidi's approach was straight -forward and kind. The process was smooth and easy, even with communication solely via emailed pictures and a few phone conversations.
Heidi was encouraging throughout the entire process, and helped me to see my habits of piling things to deal with them later with a new set of eyes.

I had a few  'A-ha!' Moments talking things through with Heidi, and she was fantastic in helping me to follow through with her practical advice .

~ Kim {Virtual Client}, Mother of Three

* * * * *

  "Heidi helped me organize nearly every room in my house. She was kind, supportive, and helpful. She had useful and simple ideas for organizing and did a great job!"
 ~ Katherine, Hospice Aid