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Marietta Professional Home Organizer Tidy Heidi Milton Operation Organization by Heidi

An Organized lifestyle is not something you merely attain, but that you also must maintain...

The act of de-cluttering and finding homes for everything alone, will not be enough to keep order in your home.  Regular Maintenance is necessary to keep an organized home.

Identify specific times during the day that you will dedicate to the habit of tidying your space, 10 minutes being an absolute minimum. ( You may decide to increase the time or frequency. )

You will likely observe a few things in this commitment:

1) The more you have, the more you have to manage...might you determine to own less in order to spend less time and energy to manage it?

2) You may find that there are "homeless items" that lack an intentional place to live when not in use. Identifying places for things to live will speed the maintenance process as you will not need to additionally make decisions about what to "do" with an item just lying about. It becomes automatic.

3) Because you'll gain a sense of being at peace which increases feelings of calm and control due to your efforts, you'll begin to look forward to your pockets of tidy times. ⏲️

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Perhaps you're currently feeling completely overwhelmed by your clutter & mounting personal organizing goals??  Or, maybe there is a space or two in your home that simply needs a fresh set of objective eyes to to bring to its fullest organized potential?

Maybe having an organizing buddy, cheerleader and coach that could encourage you one-on-one would be just the solution you need to achieve the success you need and deserve -  to allow you to live a more peaceful life you LOVE with more time and energy to fully and freely participate in activities and hobbies you enjoy! 

Would you like to work with a Professional home organizer based near Atlanta, Georgia? 
We currently provide Home Organizing services to individuals and families living in the surrounding areas of Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Dallas, Smyrna, Sandy Springs, Peachtree City and Tyrone.

Contact Heidi to learn more about how to get organized with our professional organizer services. Operation Organization by Heidi provides customized organizing solutions to 'cure' your unique clutter challenge / condition.  

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Marietta Professional Organizer Operation Organization by Heidi

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