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As a Professional Organizer, I'm always game for chatting about the many strategies for success in organizing.  So, it was a distinct pleasure to participate in a podcast with Mark Dillon, host of Organize Mindfully.

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I appeared on Episode #58:


One thing I wanted to expand on from our interview was what helps me shake out of an organizing 'slump', or how I can get motivated to get my motivation back after periods of rest.  After further reflection, I recalled that what really helps me the most is the use of lists and creating habits.

Utilizing task and to-do lists never fail to keep me on track.  Creating habits around the use of these lists (a particular day or time to refer to the lists and / or the items on them) is a huge factor in getting / staying motivated.

This certainly goes with the theme of the rest of our conversation that featured the importance of writing things down.  By having a list of things I need or want to accomplish daily / weekly / monthly, the list can become my 'boss' or 'manager' reminding me and prompting me of what important tasks need to be done.  A habitual day or time to refer to these lists serves to either keep me on track, or gets me back on track.

Check out some FREE PRINTABLE CHECKLISTS that I created to help stay on track of recurring home management tasks.

Mark produced a great follow-up episode to our discussion, expanding on how to keep track of things in your life on Episode #59 as well.

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Organize Mindfully Podcast with Heidi Leonard - Peachtree City Professional Organizer

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Operation Organization by Heidi Professional Organizer, Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Newnan, Senoia, Georgia


  1. Heidi you shared so much in that episode and to have this additional follow-up resource of your checklists....amazing! Thank you for it all!

  2. It was my pleasure! You're doing great work!! :)


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