Fayetteville, GA Professional Organizer : Living Room & Playroom Before/After Reveal!

Occasionally, my fantastic clients graciously volunteer to share the amazing transformation of their spaces.

I was contacted to help bring order to a basement apartment for a mother and her small son.   The space was partially furnished prior to their move-in, and some of their personal belongings were still in boxes due to lack of space or storage systems.  She needed help generally de-cluttering the entire apartment, setting up storage systems as well as planning out how best to use the limited and unique space available.

Here is a glimpse of what the living room looked like before calling Operation Organization by Heidi for aid:

We worked together identifying which items were no longer wanted / needed in the space and I suggested a new furniture layout that would help the space feel more like a cozy living area and less like a storage space for all her furniture and belongings.  We created specific places for all her belongings to be stowed when not it use, and now she knows exactly where to find/put everything with ease and she can truly relax and even entertain in her new space:

Here's a side by side:

We then turned our attention to the playroom which opened up from the living room...

We sorted through all the toys - many were donated, some were tossed due to broken or missing pieces.  A shelf and bins were purchased from IKEA to divide and store smaller toys by type.

From other side of living area looking into play area:

We also spent time clearing out a small kitchenette, and re-arranging the bedroom.
The client was so happy with the results, she requested to share her impression:

Perhaps you're currently feeling completely overwhelmed by clutter & mounting personal organizing goals??  Or, maybe there is a space or two in your home that simply needs a fresh set of objective eyes to bring it to it's fullest organized potential?

Maybe having an organizing buddy, cheerleader and coach that could encourage you with one-on-one hands on support would help to achieve the success you need and deserve - to allow you to live a more peaceful life you LOVE with more time and energy to fully and freely participate in activities and interests you enjoy! 

Contact me to learn more about how to get organized with my Professional Organizing and Family Management Coaching services. Operation Organization by Heidi provides customized organizing solutions to 'cure' your unique clutter challenge / condition.  Based near Atlanta, Georgia, this Professional Organizer serves clients one-on-one in the surrounding area of Fayette, Coweta, and Cobb Counties :(Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Newnan, Brooks, Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth and expanding!)

Email: OperationOrganizationByHeidi@gmail.com or Call: 770-847-0329 to learn more.

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