The POWER Behind Your Habits

Welcome to 'Day 19' in the month long series of articles cataloging
 Simple Organizing Solutions!  

If you've been reading from the beginning, you've hopefully already, 1) Gotten the right mindset and motivation needed to get organized.  2) Zeroed in on one small area to focus your efforts.  3) Have begun narrowing down your belongings to what what you love, use and actually have the room to store. and 4) Considered how to cut clutter at the source by giving each item a specific 'home' stored in groups of like items (5) & set a maintenance plan in motion. 

In the past few days, I've been sharing a few benefits to creating routine habits to control clutter and messy build-up in the home.

Initially, it will take a lot of intentional effort to keep up with those habits.  However, the GREAT news is that after a few weeks,  it won't seem as difficult. 

 You see, our brains are hard-wired for habits.  Good or bad, without even intending to, you probably already have several 'habits' implanted in your days/weeks.  

You probably sit in the same chair to eat your meals at home.  
You probably take a particular route to specific locations.
You most likely have a preferred 'order of operations' for how you get yourself ready for the day and/or wind down in the evening.

And, you don't think twice about it when it's happening.

 That is THE POWER OF HABIT at work.

Once you initiate a habit, and you truly value the 'reward' of that habit, you'll eventually begin to perform on  'autopilot' and it will begin to seem as though your home is cleaning/tidying itself!

Alternatively, if you observe there are some negative habits in your life that may be thwarting your organizing efforts, taking the time to analyze and diagnose these absentminded habits will be of tremendous value in reaching your goals.

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