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Welcome to 'Day 9' in the month long series of articles cataloging
 Simple Organizing Solutions!  

If you've been reading from the beginning, you've hopefully already, 1) Gotten the right mindset and motivation needed to get organized.  2) Zeroed in on one small area to focus your efforts.  3) Have begun narrowing down your belongings to what what you love, use and actually have the room to store. and 4) Considered how to cut clutter at the source by giving each item a specific 'home' stored in groups of like items (5) & set a maintenance plan in motion. 

A sure fire way to save loads of lost time and money is getting return items {like borrowed books or rental movies and video games} organized!

How much time have you lost searching for library books and/or movie rentals?  How much money have you lost because the time it took to find created overdue charges?

Give them a 'HOME'.  

Designate a specific container located in a designated place in your home for them to live, so you can find them when the due date rolls around.

Our children store books that we own on a bookshelf, and put library books in a special basket similar to this grocery basket that I found at a thrift store.  

 I like this size because it allows the books to stand upright and I like that it is plastic because it is handled so much that the durable material does not fall apart like a traditional woven basket might. 

Same idea for movie/video game rentals...

We've used a basket similar to this to hold rentals

Currently, we opt to stack movie rentals neatly on the same shelf as our DVD player on our entertainment stand.
When not in use, place rentals in either a decorative basket or container near the television and/or gaming system or neatly stacked on a distinctive shelf/surface, so when they need to be returned you'll know exactly where to find them.

What could you do with the extra time and money afforded by keeping rentals/renewals organized??

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