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Welcome to 'Day 7' in the month long series of articles cataloging
 Simple Organizing Solutions!  

 If you've been reading from the beginning, you've hopefully already, 1) Gotten the right mindset and motivation needed to get organized.  2) Zeroed in on one small area to focus your efforts.  3) Have begun narrowing down your belongings to what what you love, use and actually have the room to store. and 4) Considered how to cut clutter at the source by giving each item a specific 'home' stored in groups of like items (5) & set a maintenance plan in motion.

Probably the most frustrating item to not be able to find in the home is a simple set of keys.
Here are a few ideas to inspire a possible 'home' for keys to 'live':

In a drawer (with containers and/or dividers, of course):

In a bowl:

On a tray:

And the most common....the hook!

Even a simple command hook will do....
maybe hung on the inside of a cupboard door??

I thought this DIY Frame Key Holder was an extremely clever as well as attractive solution!

If you get into the habit of always putting them there as soon as you come in the door, you'll feel an instant burst of peace and satisfaction with the knowledge they'll always beright there when you need them next!

This is the product we've used to hold our keys in our personal home for nearly 10 years!

Originally purchased  at Target, can also be found here.

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