The Solution to STAYING Organized

There is an endless supply of tips, suggestions, and visual inspiration toward getting organized.  I've even shared what I view to be 7 Habits of Highly Organized People.
However, often people find that the *getting organized* is simply not a guarantee that you'll STAY organized.

The Secret Equation?

Identify & set up specific SYSTEMS (a plan/process) to maintain the order that you have created.

Find a system that works for Y-O-U. 

There's not one way to be organized.  What works for your friend, neighbor, co-worker, mother or mother-in-law to stay on top of the chaos of life in the form of paper, clutter, laundry, cleaning etc. may not work for you.  And, that is OKAY
Further, what works for you in one particular season of life, may no longer suit you when you find yourself transitioning into another.   Accept and embrace who you are as an individual and be willing to re-evaluate your systems over time.


Build a ROUTINE to aid in maintaining the SYSTEM

Whether you know it or not, you probably already have several 'routines' that happen throughout your days and weeks.

A routine is merely a sequence of actions regularly followed.

I'm willing to bet you have some sort of routine you generally follow in the morning as well as in the evening.

Do you eat and sleep at regular intervals?

Most times, these routines simply develop by accident or by reflex of what is happening around you.  May I suggest you put some intention into these routines?    Chose a time of day that you already have some sort of routine happening (like the morning or evening or leading up to/following a meal) to plan to address a few routine tasks toward maintaining the systems you've put into place to influence a more organized lifestyle.

HABITS of Organization will then begin to develop 
as a by-product of your Systems & Routines!

Do you need some assistance identifying and developing strategic SYSTEMS to suit your individual lifestyle?  

Could you use some guidance creating ROUTINES to maintain an organized state of living? 

I can help you in your goals of becoming that Highly Organized Person!
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Also, be sure to check out the FREE printable checklists that I have created that are sure to aid in following & maintaining your routines.


  1. I don't usually have a cleaning routine. I wake up making beds, washing dishes, and loading the washer! I clean every-day everything.. toilets for me are cleaned twice a day!! the only thing i clean once a week are the ceiling fans! I guess that is why i am so tired all the time! I also have to clean the back porch all the time with the leaves and debris blowing!

    1. Whew! Don't forget to add in time to just kick up those heels as part of your routine. ;) Thanks for the note and Happy Organizing!

  2. im using a to-do list for a few years now. it really helps me to organize my daily life (work, birthdays, cleaning,....). AND it is kind of a reward to mark something you just did :D

    1. oh yes! those little check marks signifying a completed task (no matter how small) are just like 'gold stars'! :)


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