Overcoming Obstacles In Organizing :: No Time Like the Present

This is the first in a series of posts where I'll be presenting common obstacles in getting {and staying} organized. 

It's easy to trick yourself into putting off your organizational goals/tasks in favor of waiting for the 'best' or 'right' time to start.

Problem is, the dis-order and clutter that needs to be addressed/sorted will only continue to grow into a bigger problem/challenge that will promise to take even more time energy than if you faced it in the 'now'.

While you wait, it's not only the physical clutter that continues to pile up.

So will other common consequences of disorganization.

Stress & Anxiety will also continue to build due to:

Loss of time & energy looking for things you need, but can't find.

Late charges due to bills you've mis-placed, or even more money lost over deals you missed.

Personal and professional relationships tarnished due to chronic tardiness or over-looked appointments, reluctance to entertain due to surroundings and not being 'fully present' in your time together due to feelings of stress and anxiety.

Potential health hazards due to lack of general cleanliness or clear walking paths in which to navigate.

Are you feeling over-whelmed about lack of organization in your home office or life that you've been putting off organizing while you wait for the 'perfect time' to get started?

 Contact me today!

I can help to simply get you started or help guide you through the entire process.

ANY progress today is a deposit toward a happier and more productive tomorrow.

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  1. oh my gosh! this is totally me! not a good feeling.


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