What People Are Saying About Speaking Presentations with Operation Organization by Heidi

In addition to personalized one-on-one Organizing services, Operation Organization also provides dynamic speaking presentations on a growing variety of topics!

Here's what people are saying:

Heidi did a wonderful job tailoring a presentation to meet our business's specific needs. We are going to be moving locations and this is resulting in less work space and longer commutes for many employees.  Heidi's tips to help organize our homes and our cubicles were very helpful, and got a lot of people thinking of ways to personalize their workspaces.
Mary C. Belisle

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"Heidi spoke to our {Mothers} group this past year about home organizing and the women in our group (including myself!) left that day feeling so inspired and motivated to get organized. Heidi gave us so many good ideas that were also pretty easy to implement. One of the most important things I felt she conveyed to us was that you don't have to do it all at once; a quote she shared with us, "Progress, not perfection," is posted in my kitchen where I now see it each day!
Her presentation was both professional and personal, informative yet engaging. She acknowledged our desire to be organized, validated the obstacles we face in being organized, and gave us some confidence in moving forward towards a more organized life by sharing with us some useful tools. I would definitely love to hear her speak again!"
~Suzanne, Wife & Mother of Two

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 "We are still buzzing about Heidi's organization skills! She inspired me to declutter and find a place for everything within my home. We loved having her at Salem Mops and many of our members have benefited from having her guide them through an area or room with her personal attention at their home. We liked her so much we immediately schedule her to come back in the fall!
I have no doubt that you will enjoy her common-sense approach and will be inspired to tackle that troubled area of your home. "
~Erica Crone, Salem Mops Co-Coordinator

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"Heidi's in-home presentation on organization provided a wonderful opportunity for me and my friends to gather and share about our approaches to combating life's chaos. Her presentation and the helpful handouts provided structure to our conversation, but also gave us the flexibility to linger on topics of interest and breeze by the ones that we had already [seemingly] conquered. I had really great response from my friends post-party and in addition to my own small changes in routine I've also witnessed how others have applied what they learned that day.
The group presentation is a great way to receive information and it's an affordable way to gain organizational strategies." 

~Megan - Office Manager & Wife

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All presentations are perfectly suitable for both small and large special interest / community groups or even for an informational gathering at home with friends!

Current Topics include: 

Home Organizing 101

Corralling Paper Clutter

Conquering Kid Clutter

Topics in the works:

'Take Back Your Time' 
{A workshop on efficient time management & increased productivity}

Contact Heidi today to learn more and schedule a presentation for your group!

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