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We are in the midst of a series of articles featuring tips and solutions for Organizing in Small Spaces.

The introductory article highlighted a few simple ways to create more space in small living areas.  One of those points included being on the lookout for shelving opportunities.

Shelving is one of the best ways you can make add a power punch of storage without forsaking much square footage for living.  A few lucky home owners have lovely built-in wall storage, but with a little creativity, even a home with no built-ins can achieve the same look with bookcases or constructed shelving.

 In the Living Room or Den:

 Get brave and creative with furniture placement. Save those walls for some shelves!

  • Line an entire wall with bookcases...



  • Even a half wall of shelving offers a lot of storage...



Notice how in all the above images, at least a portion of furniture is in front of the bookcase?
  • Shelves can be utilized to stow books & magazines, decorative items, media collections, special mementos, games, photos/photo albums, or even toys.
  • Create the option of a visual barrier if you wish, by suspending a curtain from wall-to-wall. 

(an IKEA DIGNITET Curtain wire would be a great solution to pull this look off)

In The Kitchen:

Lacking in cupboard and cabinet storage? 
  • Add some shelving to an open wall!





Added shelving in the kitchen doesn't need to be all about function.

  •  Use shelving to showcase some of your favorite decor items along with commonly used kitchen items like cookbooks and cake stands to produce some instant eye appeal: 


In the Bathroom:

 Bathrooms are notorious spaces to be short on storage.

  • Added shelving in otherwise wasted space near a toilet is a perfect option to stow towels, toiletry gear plus a few decorative items:


  • There is often ample space above a toilet perfect for open shelving to house cosmetics and/or hair products.

  •  Over-the-door shelving is a perfect solution to house overstock products.

In the Laundry Room:






Need a hand in bringing more organization to your small space? 

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  1. Wow, it never even occurred to me to MOVE THE COUCH OUT! You're right...judging from the pictures I would be able to fit ALL of my books and vases in one spot if I did that! ;) to start saving up!


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