How to Create Space in Small Living Areas

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 Living in a home that’s limited in size certainly creates unique organizational challenges.  Rooms in a small living space can easily become cluttered if you’re not particularly careful about it. The key to avoiding clutter in a small home is to create as much usable space for your belongings as possible. Here are a few practical ways to make that happen:

Make Purging a Habit

 The hard reality is, the less space you have at home, the fewer things you’re able to keep & store.
Anytime you bring something new into your home,  make efforts to get rid of something old. A helpful guide might be considering items that you haven’t used in the past four months and items you have no intention of using in the next four months. 

Consider Furniture Size
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Take a good look at all the furniture you have in your home. Could you replace your large sofa with a loveseat or switch out the queen bed in the guest room with a twin?  The smaller your furniture is, the more space you’ll have to store other household items in an organized manner. 

Look for Shelving Opportunities

Shelves are a great place to store photos, books, DVDs, and decorations. As an added bonus, shelves don’t use up any of your valuable floor space, as a cabinet would. 

Assess Your Electronics

A flat screen TV that you mount to your living room wall takes up a lot less space than a TV that rests on a large entertainment center. Additionally, a laptop takes up a lot less room than a personal computer that must be stored on an immovable desk or workspace. So, when it's time for an upgrade, make intentional space-saving purchases.

Putting forth some intentional effort to create more space in a small living area will go a long way to enable you to enjoy and appreciate your cozy home.   

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  2. I would definitely say that by putting things that you don't need in storage can really show you how much space is available. My parents and I did that for putting things away from winter and we have more room now. Sometimes the space is just really small and you have to use shelves like you suggested.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that i have really enjoyed reading your blog


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