15 Ways a Professional Organizer Can Help You

In addition to being asked how to become a professional organizer, I'm also often asked what I DO as a Professional Organizer.

Becca Clark of convenientlyorganized.com , a Professional Organizer in central Arkansas, shared this fantastic 'job description' in a recent newsletter;

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
"Professional Organizer" can mean many things to different people, and because the industry is still relatively new we are continually defining and describing the services we offer.
Here are just a few of the job titles and descriptions collected from NAPO organizers -

{in alphabetical order of course}!  

1.  Big Picture Breaker Downer -
Is your goal feeling too big to even begin?  We help you visualize the end result then chunk it into manageable bites to get started.

2. Clutter Adviser -
We help you set up a system to manage the clutter and give you new ways to think about stuff and its relationship to your real life.

3.  Coach -
Are you stuck?  We help you see the issues, then guide you toward the solutions that will get you moving forward again.

4.  Downsizing Specialist -
Moving to a smaller space?  We help you determine what fits your new life and space, and then find the best and most meaningful ways to share the rest.

5.  Environmentalist -
Want to eliminate the excess but not add to landfills?  Organizers offer thoughtful and knowledgeable options for donating/disposing of your reusable things. 

6.  Family Mediator -
Differing opinions about how to use shared spaces?  We work with entire families  to find compatible systems that everyone can live with.

7.  Feeling Overwhelmed Tackler -
Not sure where or how to begin?   We know about that overwhelmed feeling and can help you make that start and find motivation to keep going. 

8.  Laborer -
Need helping hands to tackle any situation - from a drawer to a storage unit to a whole house?  Organizers don't see any job as too big, and we're ready to jump in!

9.  Money Saver - Tired of buying things over and over because you can't find what you need?  You'll save money once you can see and easily access your possessions.
10. Permission Granter/liberator - Torn about getting rid of stuff - everything from high school trophies to the less than lovely clock from Auntie Jane?  We give you permission to part with things that no longer serve your life.  Sometimes it's OK to let go.

11.  Positive Nag - Need reinforcement?  We'll encourage you to keep going - in the kindest way!

12.  Product Adviser -
Don't know the best storage and organization products and tools?   We do, and we can find the best deals and customize to what works best for you.

13.  Teacher -
Want to learn new strategies, skills, and motivators?  Our most important function is to transfer skills so you can take on any organizing project and earn an A+!

14.  Time Saver -
Always rushing around, running late, looking for you important stuff?  We teach time management skills and best practices along with organizing your stuff.

15.  Cheerleader -
Need a pep talk?  We understand and appreciate your efforts and successes. and we love to celebrate with you!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yep, I'd have to say that sums up the work of a Professional Organizer quite well!

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  1. I love #10 letting go of clutter and things that no longer serve your life!! how true is that! I can't count how many times I have made myself close my eyes and trash something..I am trying so hard to organize my pantry.. any tips?

    1. start by grouping like items with like items - for smaller individually wrapped goods (like popcorn or other snack type fare), I prefer to use small baskets or bins that provide ease of access as well as broader visibility as to when you're running low. If you've got deep shelving large trays or bins are a must - they can become a type of drawer to pull out and easily see what's stored behind other items that could easily be over-looked other-wise. If If you have more specific needs/challenges I'd love to help you personally - contact me at operationorganizationmn@gmail.com. Cheers! :)

    2. Thank you so much that really helped!..great post loved it!!


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