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The best way to tackle any seemingly HUGE project {like planning a party or special event} is to make attempts at breaking it down into smaller easy to manage individual tasks.

Begin with the end result in mind, then start listing tasks you'll need to do in order to achieve that end goal.  

Once you've listed each task, you can then begin prioritizing what needs to be done first, next, etc.

You can then create a timeline checklist to complete each task on it's own thereby hopefully avoiding feeling overwhelmed by the over-all goal in the process. Instead, you'll feel peace by being prepared and mostly likely won't feel completely frazzled by the time the actual event finally takes place.

I designed a fun timeline checklist to utilize when planning annual parties for my two boys who both have May birthdays:

Happy Planning!


  1. Super cute Heidi! I love the design of the checklist...and the information as well! ;)

    Did you design that yourself? Just curious...Im not crafty or cool with stuff like that. But yours was drool worthy so I thought I would ask!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! :)

      Yes, I did create it (maybe I need to edit the post a bit to reflect that - haha!)

      I have several printable checklists with the same style/design:

    2. Do you have a special program that you use for those checklists? I gotta ask -- pretty sure I would never be able to recreate something so stylish in Pages.

      Seriously -- not good at tech stuff or cute stuff. :) Dying for a Silhouette! Mainly because their software makes it look easy!

    3. just microsoft word - i had a lot of practice with layout and design in college courses, so that probably helps a bit. :)


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