Stylish Organizing Solutions on a Dime

One of my recent articles highlighted Secrets to Organizing with Style.

The BIG secret?

Use storage containers that are uniform in form and color.

What if you don't have the extra funds to go out and buy coordinating containers?  Why not change up the look of a container you already have or that you could find on the ultra cheap at a local dollar or thrift store!

The easiest way to change up the look of any container is simply to cover it:

Cover a shoe box with fabric like Wanna Be Balanced Mom

Use a stylish towel to cover a plastic bin like

The majority  of the containers on the shelving in this sewing room (from Sew Many Ways)
are simple cardboard boxes covered in fabric!

Magazine files are made from cereal boxes.
Drawer boxes were once packaging from water bottles!

It's hard to believe that this stunning display of colorful containers
{featured by}
are also simple cardboard boxes with a handle cut out!

 ( *note* the uniformity of size of box makes a huge difference in presentation as well)

"Perfect for stashing all sorts of supplies, tools, and odds and ends."

Covering the inside of  clear plastic containers with craft or wrapping paper is a clever way
to hide what's stored inside while adding some color and style to your creative space.

{Featured at Inspiration for Decoration}

Take a standard metal filing tray from drab to FAB by covering it with some pretty fabric like
 Under the Sycamore:

You can also cover storage containers with paint:

Find tutorial for these Lacquer Look-a-likes from Centsational Girl

Create & paint your own color coordinating magazine files:
Find tutorial at Feathers & Fingerprints

What are storage supplies are you now planning to cover in order to inject some pretty organized style in your space?Have you created some stylish storage lately?  Share with us!


  1. check out my shoe boxes -


  2. I love the shoes just to find the right patterned paper!

  3. Those are all such fun ideas. Thanks for sharing thess.

  4. What a great roundup! Thanks for featuring my dish towel-covered storage bins! 3 bins and a towel were under $6!

  5. Do you glue the fabric on?

  6. Great! I love the shoes boxes.

  7. I have been planning to do this for a while but never got a chance. My plans are to cut the box my sons "wii" came in in such a way to make two magazine files with and use the two boxes inside as drawer organizers, plus I have three white iPad boxes I've collected from family members that I want to do something with as well. They are nice sturdy boxes perfect for storing something, just not sure what yet!


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