Secret Tips for Organizing with Style!

Have you ever wondered how to achieve that lovely stylized look that seems so effortlessly displayed on the catalog and web pages from  some your favorite organizing stores and designers?

Here's a few tips ~

One main rule to stylish storage solutions is to keep things the same.

Display containers and organizational supplies with repetition in uniform size, color, and material:

Image from BHG
It's quite calming to the eye to use a monochromatic color scheme with bins/baskets.

Image from Clover Lane

When storage containers will be in plain view, make efforts to get similar styles and colors (try to use no more than 3 colors and make sure they compliment each other) to not add visual clutter.

Keep like colors with like colors in little color coordinated storage families:

Images from Me Oh My

Image from Country Living

Image from This Old House

Take a peek at almost any Container Store Office advertisement, and that is exactly what you'll see as well.

The simple act of multiplying most any container produces instant eye appeal on open shelving:

Image via BHG

  • Baskets
Image from Bahraini Diva

  • Canvas bins
Image from I Heart Organizing

  • Boxes and/or magazine files

Image from BluLabelBungalow

Keep sizes/styles/textures consistent:

Image from Martha Stewart

No funds to go out and buy all kinds of expensive coordinating containers?

No problem!

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  1. I like the way you organized your office supplies. You gave me an idea on how I could use my computer desks as storage at the same time.


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