Solution Sleuth :: Organizing Hair Accessories

One of my favorite aspects of working with organizing clients is the opportunity to do a little creative brainstorming and detective style searching to come up with a solution to fit their unique needs.

A friend recently asked for some suggestions for organizing and storing the large amount of hair accessories that her 3 girls had accumulated.  They have a small bathroom that they all share and needed a space saving solution.

I suggested hanging up a large ribbon (or several) to simply clip hair pieces on like this:

This Pink Rose Bow Holder Can be purchased by Etsy Owner, Ewe and I

Here's a few more fabulous solutions I found for organizing hair accessories!

 Via The Idea Room ~ A Craft Organizer box:

Via ~ An over-the-door shoe organizer:

Via It's Good to be Queen ~ Thrifted peg rack

Which solution would work best in your home?  

How do you like to keep hair accessories in order?


  1. thanks for linking my hair bow rack, heidi!! :) i'm thinking that craft box idea will be great for when she gets older and has lots of little barretts! great tips. :)

  2. Those are great storage ideas.

    ~Mrs. Delightful


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