Organizing Holiday Plans & Preparations

Christmas is supposed to be a time of 'Comfort and Joy,' a time when our days are 'Merry & Bright' and our nights filled with 'Heavenly Peace.'  More often than not, however, these end up being the most hurried, busy, and chaotic days of our year.

With a little intentional planning and strategic time management (and dare I add limitations), your holiday season CAN leave you feeling 'Holly & Jolly' rather than 'Bah Humbug!'

Take some time to PLAN & PREPARE before even beginning tasks surrounding Holiday festivities.
Do your best to 'batch tasks' into small easy-to-complete steps that can span over a few days.  This  will serve to keep you from feeling overwhelmed and will guarantee to keep you more productive in the long run.

~Greeting Cards~

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  1. Compile a list of names and addresses of who you'd like to send a card/photo or greeting to
  2. Purchase enough cards and envelopes
  3. Purchase postage
  4. Begin addressing envelopes only (even if it's just a few a night)
  5. Another day/time stuff all of the envelopes (again, just a few at a time is still progress)
  6. Seal envelopes
  7. Attach postage
  8. Mail!

*Some services like Shutterfly and SendOutCards will take care of steps 2-8 for you!

~Gift Purchasing~
  1. Consider your overall budget for gift giving
  2. Compile a list of names of friends/family/neighbors you'd like to give a gift to
  3. Brainstorm options of gifts for everyone on your list. (Give similar clutter-free gifts to multiple recipients where possible)
  4. Set aside a day (or a few days) to purchase gifts on your list plus any wrapping materials staying within your budget
  5. Wrap gifts and label with recipients name
  6. Prepare for shipping or set aside for personal delivery

 *Click on image above to print your own Master Gift Checklist.
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~Holiday Parties, Activities & Celebrations~

Try to limit your holiday parties and activities so that you and your family are not overwhelmed. A couple of events a week may be fine, but having an obligation every day can quickly lead to Holiday stress and anxiety (especially in children).

Choose a few of your favorite activities as a family and don't feel as though you have to attend each and every celebration you're invited to.

If you are hosting a Holiday gathering, I would encourage you to also check out the article,
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