Client Show & Tell :: A Mom of Two Needed Solutions to a Few Pesky Problems...

Occasionally, I like to invite a client to 'show & tell', in their own words, about our work together.
 Here's what Catherine, {mom of two and part time elementary art teacher} had to say:

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"Heidi helped me solve four key problem areas in my home with incredible insight and practicality.
We have two small children and regularly host friends 3-4 times a week which creates a constant flow of stuff. I really want a clutter-free & tidy home, but have found trouble keeping up with it all.

Heidi helped me figure out a practical way of keeping my kitchen counters uncluttered.
(With no pantry, Catherine needed a solution for the bread products that once took up counter space to the left of the sink)

(We took a tour through her cabinets & eliminated what did not need to stay, creating space for a 'bread basket' within!)

We talked about multiple options for managing the kids' art supplies and workbooks and  came up with a system that the kids have now been using independently for months.

(BEFORE, children's workbooks and supplies were stacked at random on this buffet shelf)

(NOW, each child has their own labeled box for individual workbooks/projects. Shared supplies are stored together in a 3rd box.)

Heidi also helped me create a "lost-and-found" that is hidden, but usable.
(BEFORE, items visitors would accidentally leave behind would pile up on this table by the front door)

(NOW, items that are left behind are still collected, but concealed & contained in a basket on a nearby bookshelf.)

In addition, she suggested a number of systems for managing the little piles of stuff that collect & need to go upstairs, but don't warrant a trip up on their own. The suggestion we landed on and has been working for a few months now was a covered basket attached to the railing at the base of my stairs.

It has been great to drop a barrette or pair of socks in the basket, as opposed to the top of my piano where everyone sees it, until my next trip upstairs.

I've been so happy with the practical, working solutions that Heidi was able to come up with in only one hour!
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  1. Love the covered basket idea. My piles on the stairs look horrible. I have a basket, but it is open and gets left upstairs all the time. Need to look for a covered one :)

  2. The lost and found idea may have just changed my life! I keep everything people leave at our house on a little bar area between the kitchen and dining area and it looks terrible. Never thought of hiding it away! Duh.

    1. I'm so happy to hear it, Emily! Good luck finding a new home for your 'lost & found' items. :)


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