A Few Fabulous Family Calendar Options

A large calendar is a key tool to keep any and every family organized.  Post one in a central location (like this charming kitchen office nook), so it's easy for everyone to see at-a-glance who needs to be where and when.  Consider assigning each family member their own color to label events & reminders.

{image source}

A basic Dry Erase Calendar similar to the one featured above is an easy choice in any home:

Here's a few more fun options:

Paint a calendar with chalkboard paint right on the wall! 
A kitchen or office would be a great location.
{image source with tutorial}

I would use Chalk Ink Markers to assign each family member their own color...

Another fun DIY option - 
Create a calendar out of a large cork board:

{image source: Southern Living}

Or, personalize that simple white board option with something like this framed message center:

If your family is more technically driven, here's a few online options to consider:

FREE Online Shared Calendar by COZI.com



Do you currently use a family calendar?

Which one of these is your personal favorite?

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  1. I use a plain old monthly calendar on the fridge for the family to see and I carry my iPod touch and use it's calendar feature. I really need a larger home calendar, though. Thinking of getting a larger framed dry erase board calendar to hang in the kitchen.


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