Organizing School Gear

It's Back to School Time!

Take a few moments to create a launch pad near whatever door your school aged children will be using most often to house {and catch}  all their school related gear! 

It's important to designate a space for all school related items {like shoes, coats, bags, homework & papers} that kids bring in and out of the house each an every day.

If all their gear has a specific 'home' there is less chance clutter will begin to collect, and they'll know where to find their things rather that setting you all into a frantic search when it's time to head out the door each day.

Working on this project together with your children is a wonderful opportunity to teach your them where their things will belong as well as instilling a life lesson of the positive results of being organized.

Consider giving each of your school aged children a personalized folder, Wall File, bin or basket to house important papers, assignments, and reminders (this way you'll know where to find them for review as well!).  

Sooner or later, outdoor wear will need to have a 'home' nearby as well.  This coat closet {featured on Martha} s packed with some amazing solutions to utilize every ounce of it's small space:

Not only is there a place for hanging coats, but lower level shelving creates a space for shoes and baskets to be stowed.  Baskets could hold miscellaneous outdoor extras like hats, gloves and scarves.  Add a few long hooks on the inside of a closet door to create a space for large bags & backpacks!

This backpack storage rack can be also installed on a door or wall. and will hold up to 8 items weighing up to 8 pounds each. The design of this storage racks stretches and self-adjusts to fit various door heights.

No coat closet?

A system with built-in coat rack, cubbies, shelves and bench is just the sort of storage and seating solution needed to create an organized entryway that not only looks attractive, but functionally provides a space to catch kids school stuff as well.

{Samantha Entry Way Collection Via Pottery Barn}

A simple wall coat rack is also an easy and cost effective solution to house coats and backpacks on a wall nearby whichever door kids bring school gear through:

Or, install a wall coat rack for bags and coats beside a closet with an over-the-door shoe storage option like this beauty from Pure Style Home.

There's truly 'a space for everything' within this DIY $324 Mudroom featured at Better Homes and Gardens:

Which option would work best in your home?

Contact me if you need help with some creative storage solutions for school gear in your space.


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