Eating An Elephant

image by sean gallo
Have you ever been faced with a project or task that seemed impossible to visualize complete?  Perhaps like considering the outrageous goal of eating an entire elephant?

Maybe you have several large projects looming.

When faced with an elephant sized task, the first step is often the hardest - just START.

Start somewhere, anywhere and focus on small steps (or bites) forward after that.

Keep moving.  Once you've begun, continue working.  Eventually, it will become more logical to formulate a plan of action on how you'll continue once you've got a little momentum behind you,(while still focusing on those small steps).

Starting small and moving small is key to helping you from feeling overwhelmed and giving up. 

Maybe there is a room in your home that is in complete chaos and you've no idea where to begin?  Simply choose a corner, a shelf, or even a pile and begin sorting and purging items from what is truly useful and beautiful from what is trash or no longer represents you or the present goals you have in your life.  

Decide beforehand how much time you realistically have to devote to your task each and every day even if it's only 15 minutes.  Work that amount of time, and walk away until the next day.  Even if you feel you've barely scratched the surface, it's still progress.  

Next week, I'll share a bit about how I've currently dealt with my own 'Elephant' project of  editing/sorting/and cataloging our family photos.

What is your current 'Elephant'? 

Go ahead and take that first bite!

Contact me if you need a little boost.

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  1. This is one of my favorites! I often use this at work when I am overwhelmed and don't know where to start. I just start with one piece of paper and remind myself "one bite at a time". Love you site and information!! Thank you!


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