Ease Morning Madness with Routine Charts for Kids

Most child development experts agree that children thrive with and desire structured routine in their day-to-day lives.

Taking the time to organize a few built in routines through your day will prove to provide stability and comfort for your child. Regular routines build a sense of structure as well as help to establish healthy living, good habits and also provides some sense of personal control which contributes to good behavior.

Mornings tend to be particularly chaotic time for families.  

Whether you are a working parent that needs to be out the door by a certain time each day, or you are are a stay at home parent of multiple school aged children that need to get ready for school, having a morning routine will help everyone be aware what needs to be done and start their day off right.

Creating a Morning Routine Chart for each of your children will help keep them on track with the tasks at hand.  Rather than spending time and energy repeatedly nagging reminding your child what else they need to complete to prepare for their day, simply get out the charts and tell them to get started. 

Children (particularly non-reading preschoolers) are usually very visually oriented .
A simple chart with photos will be all they need to complete a few age appropriate tasks to start their day:

Here's a few ideas:
{*free printable* Modern Toddler Chore Chart by Dandee Designs}

{*free printable* Kid's Morning Routine Flash Cards  by Living Locurto}

{Get Ready for School Printable}

For even MORE great chart ideas, take a moment to visit HandiPoints.com

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  1. I'm printing off the daily routine chart you posted. Thank you!!


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