Kim's Kitchen {Part 2} And a Virtual Organizing Consultation GIVEAWAY!

Last week I introduced my newest virtual organizing client, Kim.  We began working together in order to get her previously cluttered kitchen into a more functional yet family friendly space.

Check out what else Kim found hiding amongst all the papers that had piled up!
~ See that pile o' cash on the right side of the sorting table!! ~

When all sorting was complete, she had collected about $100!  It really does PAY to be organized!!

After clearing her counters and sorting through all items that clearly didn't belong in the kitchen, I shared some ideas that will help bring better order to the items that do belong.

Once we knew exactly what kinds of items needed specific homes and systems, Kim had herself a little shopping spree at her local Office Max.  Here's what she found:

I suggested Kim find a place/space in her kitchen that she could dedicate as a 'command central' area.  This would a be a space that would house all mail, family information, bills, and general paper that needed to be referred to on a regular basis.   I also suggested looking for a space that would be large enough to feature a family calendar. 

Kim zeroed in on this wall:

- before -


Now there is a space for all the paper to go and I coached her on systems that would help keep her papers in order.  As for the calendar, each family member has an assigned color in order to note individual activities/appointments.  Now, it's easy to see at a glance who's got to be where and when.

Next up, was to dedicate a space for her girls to house craft and art supplies. 
This lower level cabinet next to the dinning table was the perfect location! 

Now that  her children have this dedicated space, they can take responsibility for their own items freeing up Kim from constantly cleaning up after everyone.

* * * * * * * * * *

A few final words from Kim;
"As the summer goes on, the whole family has benefited from our command center  and the logical ' 'homes' we have made for the well-used items in the kitchen. It is so nice being able to go to where something is supposed to be... And it's there! :)"

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Happy Organizing!


  1. YAYAYAYAAAYYYYYYY Heidi! thank you again and again!

  2. Hi Heidi-

    Love your ideas and I have "liked" Operation Organization!! I need help getting my office/kitchen/closet/entire house in order. You're the best!!

  3. I need help with my laundry room! It is and always has been a disaster!

  4. liked and shared on facebook and twitter as well

  5. AnonymousJuly 24, 2011

    I've been a fan of OperationOrganization for a long time and I would love some help with my office. It's a zoo. :)

  6. Thanks to Kira, I have discovered operation organize-mn and have liked your facebook page. If you chose me, I would like to gift the gift of organizing to Kira as she is a busy mom of four boys, is a beautiful person inside and out, and is always thinking of others before herself.

  7. Great blog!

    I have "liked" Operation Organization on FB and tweeted this post. I need help creating a command center so my kitchen island will stop becoming everyone's dumping ground. Thank You!


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