Stock a Summer Fun Bag

Don't miss an ounce of summer fun by always having a bag ready to go wherever your outdoor adventures may lead.  Keeping all your summer gear together in one large bag will save you the time of hunting everything down.

Here's a list of summer essentials to always keep stocked in your bag:
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Band aids
  • Sunglasses
  • Wide Brimmed hat/s
  • Hair bands
  • Wide tooth comb/brush (for wet tangled hair)
  • (Full)Water Bottles
  • Healthy snacks (like trail mix or granola that won't melt in the hot sun)
  • Handy wipes for quick clean-ups.
  • Small coin purse (in case you cross paths with the ice cream truck or for swimming pool concessions)
  • Designate a pocket to slip in personal identification, cell phone, plus any membership cards.
*Make sure there's room to pop in some towels and stow flip flops as well.  This Mesh Beach Bag by Taylor Nicole Designs is perfect to take-along for a day at the beach!  The mesh pockets not only help organize your essentials, but also allows water and sand to drain:

 * Consider installing a few drying hooks either in the garage or near a mud room entrance so they'll be dry and ready to pop in the bag.  Store your summer bag nearby!

*Be sure to make a new routine of checking the stock of your bag each night so you'll always be ready for the next adventure!


  1. Great ideas for a summer bag. I like the idea of refreshing the bag for the next day. Too often I forget the restocking!

  2. Awesome Ideas! I would love to know what are some of your favorite brands? We use California Baby Sunscreen, and we use Deet-Free Buzz Away Extreme, a natural insect repellent. For fun water bottles, we only use stainless steel. These help hold the temperature, especially if the drink is a cold one, and no leaching plastics! :) they have cute little lids that have clips on the top too, for taking with on a hike or picnic. Instead of handy wipes, I keep some norwex cloths on hand too! So awesome when you have runny noses, messy hands, and spills that might stain! I would LOVE to hear what fun things you have found. Also, not sure if anyone else would enjoy these ideas or not, but we have an extra rescue inhaler packed in ours due to my son having asthma. We have some hydrocortisone creme as well as chapstick. :) LOVED this post! Thanks for the fresh ideas...


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