PLAN to have FUN {with kids} this Summer!

Have your kids uttered the dreaded words, "I'm Bored!" yet?

Need a little help and inspiration to put some summer fun plans into ACTION?

 Check out these links!

1) The Confident Mom created this fantastic Summer Calendar Package:

click here to learn more!

2)  A treasure trove of ideas: 101 Ways to Embrace Summer

3)  Think like a summer camp director and consider creating a theme for each week to follow with your kids at home.  This idea is sure to 'help add structure, keep play fresh and learn some fun new things at the same time.'

4) Multiple Moms shared some of their favorite projects/activities & crafts via: Positively Splendid's Summer Survival Guide

5) Create Your Own Summertime Activities Bucket List (there are free printables to download!)

6)  Learn how a weekly schedule can add just enough structure and comfortable rhythm to your lazy days of summer.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Heidi! And for reminding me to stick to that routine....a few busy days have caused lots of crankies...gotta get back to routine around here!


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