Recommended Reading to 'Get Organized'

Welcome to 'Day 30' in the month long series of articles cataloging
 Simple Organizing Solutions!  

Anyone can be organized.  
Organization is a SKILL that can be learned.  
You need only the desire and motivation to learn and put that knowledge into ACTION.

Spending time increasing your knowledge and understanding of basic principles and strategies of organization will likely be the most helpful of {simple} solutions.
What would you do if you wanted to learn and develop a new skill?  You would seek out the advice and knowledge from others.  Take classes, seek a coach, etc.   Here's a few links to continue your organizing 'education':

 3 TRICKS to Take the 'Work' out of Housework
Key Quote: 
"By changing our thinking, focusing on why we take care of our home and family, and being grateful for our blessings, we can do all the chores and checklists with a glad heart.”

WHY Get Organized
 "Being organized isn't about being perfect..."

Goal Planning the SMART Way  
 " In order to be successful in achieving your goals, you must begin with a PLAN"

Finding the TIME to Get Organized
 "The way we spend our time is one of the biggest indicators of what we truly value in life.
If getting organized is a value and goal you want to achieve, it must become a priority - and it will require your time."

How to Develop a Routine That Works (and stick with it!)
 "You need a routine. It will calm your chaos and bring rhythm, order, and peace to your days."

You Asked, I Answered: How Can I Stay Organized? 

"Organization is unfortunately NOT a “once and done” type of thing — and that’s the main reason it’s so frustrating for people...."

 The Solution to STAYING Organized
 "often people find that the *getting organized* is simply not a guarantee that you'll STAY organized."

How to Get Organized?  Follow these PROCESS Steps
 "When organizing a space it is helpful to follow a series of tasks or actions..."

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  1. May I suggest my 1-2-3 ... Get Organized series - simple, colorful books, each tackling a single organizing task: the kitchen, the office, your child's room, etc. :)


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