Cork Board Jewelry Organizer!

I just love it when clients are able to use something they already have when solving an organizational dilemma!  

While working with a delightful young gal in her bedroom we were able to do just that!  During the sorting process, I observed that she had jewelry stored in many different ways, in many different areas of her room. 

I explained a few benefits of storing like items with like items (always being able to find things when you want/need them, and simplifying decisions on where to put it when you're finished, having a good visual of the volume of what you have of a particular item, etc.).  Then, I suggested a few options of how her current necklaces could be corralled.

Her face lit up SO bright when I mentioned a cork board, because she had recently found a 2nd hand cork board for only 2 dollars!  Not only that, she had prettied it up by gluing on fabric that matched the curtains in her room!   She pulled it out from behind her desk and promptly pinned them all up!

Here's a peek at the finished product all ready to be hung on the wall!

Kids are SO much more likely to stay organized if they've had even a little hand in the process of setting up their space.

 I just know that she's going to have such pride in keeping her necklaces together!! We proceeded to contain the rest of her smaller jewelery like rings and bracelets in size appropriate containers (that she selected) and she had a hand in attaching the labels that I printed out for her as well. These smaller containers will be stored on a shelf that will be nearby the cork board.

I'd love to help  you & your kids find unique solutions using what you already have as well!
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