Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Cleaning Routines & Checkists {FREE Printables!}

 Managing a Home is no small task.  I've created a few printable checklists to help keep you on track and hopefully feel a bit more balanced as well. Click on the {large} images below to download & print.  (I plan to laminate and use with a Wet Erase Marker):

Daily Duties:

This form is intended to help remind you of all the basic routine tasks that help keep your home running smoothly. There are open spaces to fill in your own visual reminders as well. 

Weekly Tasks:
This form was created to be used in conjunction with the Daily Duties form (fill in your choices on the 'Weekly Cleaning' blanks) as well as a space to plan your menu for the wee
There are a few different approaches a home manager can take in completing weekly cleaning and home maintenance tasks.
  1. Complete all tasks in one day
  2. Designate one or two tasks to be completed on specific days of the week. 
  3. Daily Docket Approach - complete list of tasks on various days by weeks end. (this seems to be the most workable approach for at home parents with small children or a home manager who needs a flexible schedule

Monthly Musts:  
This form was created to help a home manager avoid the dreaded 'Spring Cleaning' and instead complete one big cleaning chore every month throughout the year.  The other column serve as a reminder of other tasks that should be tended to each month. Don't forget date night! :) 
There is a check box to complete these type of tasks on the Weekly Task form as well.


  1. These are great! I like the way they are divided into daily, weekly and monthly.

  2. Love your forms. They are really attractive and have been sectioned up really well. Thanks for sharing. I'll say hi and greetings from Down Under. I also have an organizing blog at http://routinehabit.com/blog. will definitely be back to check out what your up to soon. Please come and visit me too.

  3. I don't have a way to laminate, but putting them in a page protector will allow me to use a dry erase marker to 'check them off'!!

  4. I am putting them all behind plexiglass in a large frame I found and the thrift store and spray painted.

    1. What I great idea! Send a pic of your finished product to me if you like, & I'll feature it on the Operation Organization FB page! :)


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